Welcome to MFAS Marketing

The full name of the business is “Man For All Seasons Marketing,” so now you know what “MFAS” stands for. We started this business in order to facilitate the aquisition of the products,  education, and services you may find genuinely useful for your own purposes related to all aspects of woodworking.

We provide links to expanded information, upcoming tool auctions, valuable reference materials, useful video tutorials, historical notes, software products of interest to woodworkers, and much more.

From time to time I will post information of use to the pro woodworker for improving his or her marketing efforts.

Most of the links I provide here offer a free trial period for software and a genuine money-back guarantee for all products and services. Many recommendations generate no income for us, but if we find there can be value to you, we will post so you can take advantage of the information. We vet as many as possible and relay our experience and research results in a blog post here. We also encourage you to share your experiences with us for any of the products or services mentioned here.

We at MFAS pledge to be as open and transparent as is humanly possible, starting with the fact that many of the products offered are affiliated with us and we will earn a small commission when and if you make a purchase. When we find websites that offer superior or unique information, we will not hesitate to recommend them as well. Suffice it to say we add on no extra cost to any product, and there is no charge of any kind for subscribing to our blog. We will also never knowingly refer you to any product that promises to provide services or products contrary to law or genuine business ethics.


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