Preview and a Suggested System for Woodworkers

I’m happy to say I’m back after a horrendous vacation in the hospital. No, it wasn’t Covid, but nearly as bad! In case you have forgotten me, my blog is I am currently working on a new posting on the history of the screwdriver. I know, that sounds like a boring topic, but just wait and check it out when I get it posted. (Follow me and get notified when any new post is published.)

In the meantime, here is an offer I have found to be of significant value to any woodworker no matter what level you work at. It is specifically aimed at the novice woodworker but contains much information for the advanced craftsman as well. That is The Woodworkers Treasure Chest. I am affiliated with this company, but I am driven by value, not profit, so feel free to check it out, it won’t cost anything to look it over and you may find a lot of value as I did.

The fact is that 95% of us woodworkers have embarked on woodworking projects that have ended in frustration or failure and sometimes even in disaster. I know I have!

This is obviously something that can happen to us if we are a newbie, a weekend warrior, or even an experienced woodworker!

However, you would be surprised to know, that there are really only a handful of issues that may be holding you back from realizing your full potential.

Here are the Top Five (5) that may be Negatively Affecting the Quality of your Woodworking Results Right Now!

  • Poor Final Finish – Even though you may be doing a great job at joinery, your project often falls short when it comes to finishing.

  • Lack of Accuracy– Your projects are lacking because some measurements are slightly off, or your cutting techniques need to be improved.

  • Poorly fitting Joinery – Making strong and beautiful wood joints is one of the foundation skills of woodworking. If you find that your joints just do not turn out right, then this may point to several skills that need to be improved.

  • Finding Suitable Woodworking Plans – Ready to build, well-documented woodworking plans are like gold when you find the right one. Usually, the problem is that your needs may be so unique that nothing suitable is even available! And you probably do not have the time or the tools to do plans from scratch!

  • Difficulty Using Tools Properly Acquiring woodworking tools is always a work in progress, especially with new tools coming out every year. However, even though modern power tools help to make things go faster, there is no substitute for proper techniques or training with traditional hand tools as well. Used improperly, tools can actually ruin your materials and projects faster if you are not careful.

If any of these hurdles affect your work, this system will go a long way to address the issues and help you get control of the quality of your workflow. Don’t take my word for it, check out Woodworkers Treasure Chest for yourself. You risk nothing but a few minutes of your time.

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