Find The Saw of Your Dreams

There are numerous ways to search for that perfect saw. This post Is designed to help you with your search. Some of the links are to affiliated sites where we earn a small commission on a sale. I link to products and sites without concern whether I earn a commission or not.

  • Vintage Panel Saws –eBay listings of used saws.
  • Contemporary Panel Saws
    • Florip SawsTop-notch quality, the only caveat is that there is around a three-week wait as each saw is made to order.
    • Rob Cosman Saws –  Dovetail backsaws. Very fine quality. Composite handles give weight to the saw so that gravity helps wth making super-accurate cuts.
    • Lie-Nielsen Tools – Fine quality saws of all kinds.
    • Thomas Flinn & Co. – High-end saws still made in Sheffield, UK – eBay listings
      • Pax Saws
      • Lynx Saws
      • Crown Saws – The saw plate is excellent, but the aesthetics of the handle leaves something to be desired. The pricing is aggressive, so you might find it worthwhile to make a replacement handle perfectly suited to you.


Crown 189 Saw – 10 TPI

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