Make a Chair In A Day With Hand Tools


Since many of you are woodturners, I thought you might find this YouTube video of interest. The scenario, minus all the novices, is similar to the historical actuality of the chair bodger’s trade. The bodger worked in the proximity of his wood supply, often Beech, Ash or Oak. The pole lathe, shaving horse, axe, hatchet, froe, and turning chisels the only tools used, unless a steam box was called for. The true bodger only turned chair legs, spindles,  and rungs. They didn’t make the entire chair.

The tools were all very portable so they could easily be transported to a new woodland source of supply. I know most of you have experienced nothing other than a lathe that requires nothing more than flipping a switch to make it run. If you get the chance, experience the fun of using a pole lathe, which operates as a reciprocal lathe.

I have attached here a YouTube video of the making of a chair in the traditional way which you may find of interest. It’s a little longer than 20 minutes, so make sure you give yourself enough time to enjoy it.

Can We Make A Chair From A Tree In A Day_ Hand Tools Only. 6-17 screenshot

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