Some Details On the Famous Studley Tool Chest

In 1980 I had the pleasant task of performing the first appraisal of this exquisite tool chest and tools. The owner, who was the grandson of H. O. Studley mentioned that this chest was only half of the total collection as there originally was also a floor chest complete with tools as well as this wall mounted case. However, by the time the grandson was able to clear out the estate, the floor chest had disappeared and to my knowledge has yet to surface. What a find that would be!

The transitional Stanley planes in this case are composed of rosewood bodies and as I recall, the plane bodies bear the factory Stanley marks, so were probably custom made by Stanley for Mr. Studley.

Tool collectors can only dream of stumbling into a find like this, but that’s what fuels the passion and the hunt.

The Studley Toolchest c. 1890

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