I Could Use Your Help!

Most of you have at least checked out my website at www.MFAS-Marketing-LLC.com and realize that what I wish to accomplish is a major undertaking. I can’t achieve this goal without help, your help to be specific. If you have specific areas of expertise you would like to share with others in the antiques, art, or collectibles trade, please send me a note.

I will soon be starting a new page on the site specifically designed to offer commentary on on-line auction houses worldwide; quality of offerings, thoroughness of descriptions, quality of photos, quality of customer service in responding to questions from bidders, and any other information of use to bidders. If you are an auctioneer or an active bidder and would like to see a review posted, let me know and I will review the site and provide details about its’ operation history, background and an any other information that will help potential bidders decide to check out this auction house.

I am also building a page listing antique restoration services worldwide. If you are a skilled conservator or restoration specialist, drop me a line with your website URL and I will see that you are listed.

This is a free service and will be a good way to put yourselves or your favorites even more before the public in a very competitive market. Feel free to email me directly at VernVT@aol.com with any questions, comments or editorial contributions. Please add “comment” to the subject line.

Vern Ward

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