Ever think to use QR codes in your marketing?

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As the use of smartphones grows, the usefulness of QR codes expands in lock step. Have you given thought to how these codes can help promote sales in your shop or stall?

We are all aware that selling on line is a constant threat to the brick and mortar location. Why is this? The successful on line marketer provides information and content that is not readily available within a physical location. The physical location has a distinct advantage; the objects being offered are approachable, touchable, and available for close inspection. What if you could combine this advantage with the same on line tools – content? You can. Of course providing extensive details, provenance, etc. for every item on the shelf would contribute to clutter and detract from the items themselves. The QR code to the rescue…..

As much information as you want to provide can be encoded in a simple QR code which the interested customer can access with their smartphone. They have the opportunity to find out more without bothering you or a clerk, and she can save the info for later review if it as a purchase she may want to consider further.

Providing the information may require some time, but if you also sell on line, you can kill two birds with one stone since you will already have produced the description. You simply have to copy and place it in the encoder and you’re done.

I am including  a sample code here which is a link to my website, but it could be a link to a video, photo or any other type of information,

I hope this post gets your creative juices flowing. Thanks for coming along for the ride.


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