I Have A Marketing Complaint!

I.m in the business of marketing, but have been away for the past couple of years, but now I’m back and am not happy! I am feeling insulted by the current state of B2B marketing which seems to have devolved to the attitude of politicians, the public is so stupid they’ll swallow anything!

Have you ever found a program that looks good and the pricing is right, but when you sign up you get upsold another 5 to 7 times?! Please folks, cut this crap out. It seems that today’s marketers are expanding on 1990’s marketing formulas. I’m old fashioned I’m afraid, I have always believed in not only giving buyers what they pay for, but give them even more value than they expect.

That’s why I am now concentrating on my local market in SW Florida and offering my services to antique and collectibles marketers only. I meet with potential clients face to face and will accept only 3 clients at any given time. The initial consultation is absolutely free, no hard or soft selling – guaranteed.  I will provide a proposal based on your needs, both time and dollar budget. The  will offer several options. At that time you can say thank you, but good bye. You will have not paid one nickel and you will have a working plan for building or improving your website to be another viable income stream as well as a creative brand builder.

When I say FREE, I mean FREE! I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of being treated like an open wallet sucker.

You can reach me at vernvt@aol.com if you have questions or comments.

Vern Ward

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