Some ideas a small business can use

I wrote about Square shortly after its’ founding in June, 2011 and it has been growing at light speed in the past few months. It has been successful enough that it is now facing competition from Intuit in the form of Intuit-GoPayment. .

Both programs charge nothing for establishing an account and the card reader is supplied at no charge. Square charges a fee of 2.75% for each transaction while Intuit charges 2.4%+.25 per transaction. To determine how beneficial this would be to your business, take a hard look at your last credit card statement and determine what your actual costs are. If you wish to look into either or both of these programs, make sure you read thoroughly their terms of service agreements which are pretty straightforward, but include some points you should be aware of, such as what types of business do not qualify for an account.

Either of these programs can be beneficial for any small business, but are especially useful for merchants who regularly sell at home shows, antique shows, mobile food services, plumbers, electricians, or other on call services.

To check them both out, go to and I have no affiliate interest with either of these businesses.

Another very useful tool for small business is Yext, a service that aggregates your local listing on nine of the biggest search directories, and facilitates updating listings directly by you the business owner with one single input. We all are aware how time consuming keeping multiple listings up to date can be, so for as little as a paltry $200 per year think of the time saved. I have no affilation with this site either.

MFAS Consulting consistently tries to bring ideas and programs that can translate to the  small business owner’s bottom line while keeping costs in line. Check my web site for more ideas and programs you might find useful at

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