Are you up for a $50.000 challenge?

Could you use a $50,000 windfall? Take the challenge posed by Ken Evoy, Founder and President of, who is absolutely convinced that there is no competitor in the world that offers the same grouping of tools and information at the same or lower price than SiteBuilder. Even knowingt that  there are over 3,000 competitors, Ken is absolutely convinced that noone offers the total package at a more competitive price than SBI, that he is challenging anyone to find another program offering as much or more for an equivalent or lower cost. Anyone who can find a program verifiably beating SiteBuilder will be awarded $50,000!

The Challenge , readers, visitors, friends and colleagues is to find another Web
business-building platform that includes all the features and benefits of SBI!
AND that publishes documented results, all for a mere $299 per year (or $29.99
per month).

For  specific information regarding the tools for success that SiteBuildIt provides for any small business, whether a straight online business or a site designed to increase brick and mortar traffic, go to

In order to help narrow the search, refer to the following page for head-to-head comparisons to some of the high profile competition such as Yahoo and 1and1.

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