Generate new quality leads for your business

No matter what business you are in, a steady flow of qualified leads is essential in order to generate new customers. A new company is currently in prelaunch that promises to provide any number of fresh, qualified, opted in leads for your marketing program.
This new company, MyLeadCompany,com is being created by J.R. Jackson, who has had extensive experience and success in generating productive leads for his own businesses and is now applying the ideas and methods he learned the hard way to this new business that will effectively help any small business grow and provides 17 different ways to generate cash flow for you.
Signing up with is no risk, as it is free and at launch on October 15, 2011 you will get 100 free leads to test before committing to its’ services.
You can also generate income by signing up others to join. Of course no income will be generated until after the official launch.
Anyone interested in signing on must be forewarned that promoting by spamming will not be tolerated and violators will be be contractually terminated.
This s a genuine business opportunity and is definitely worth a look at least. As I have stated earlier, I constantly seaarch for new programs and tools that give a real advantage to small businesses. I spend the majority of each week searching and investigating new opportunities for you to stay competitive and increase your return on investment.
For more information on other small business tools and approaches, visit my web site at In the meantime, at least take a look at

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