New approaches to local marketing

New ideas are constantly growing, and these two are especially interesting since they provide a new approach for local marketing techniques. These two programs are related, but are structurally different from one another. Presently, one is only available in a few major cities, but with continued success I expect to be seeing it widely available to businesses over a much wider geographic area.

The first is, a highly innovative idea created by a Princeton student, Seth Priebatsch, disappointed in the instructional methods still being used just like they have been for centuries, dropped out when he was 19 and founded SCVNGR as a mobile game platform that has been adopted by not only major corporations, but is also currently offered free to small businesses, non-profits and individuals. To look at some of the innovative uses of this platform, take a look also at the SCVNGR blog, The premise of providing a mobile scavenger type game platform is limited only by imagination.

The company is only 18 months old and was a recipient of funding from Google Ventures. In contrast to many startups, this little gem is already profitable.

Part of the craziness of this entrepreneurial young man sprung from SCVNGR as a competitive entity against Groupon and Living Social. It is called Level Up and approaches the coupon issuing program from the aspect of not only driving traffic into your store by offering special coupons, but to also build customer loyalty and repeat business by providing a three stage program of coupons. When you purchase and use the first deal, a second level, even better deal, will be unlocked. When the second level is purchased and used, the third stage and best deal then is unlocked.

Level Up was introduced in Boston and Philadelphia and quickly has become a substantial competitor for Groupon and Living Social. Currently this program is only available in the original cities, but is destined to grow rapidly. To find out more, go to This is primarily designed as a mobile application, but is easily accessible from any internet enabled platform.

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