Video marketing can be the key.

It was projected in 2009 that video wil comprise 90% of all internet traffic by 2013, and the projection is pretty much on target!

As other forms of online marketing mature, response rates begin to slide. For instance, email marketing recipients, according to Forrester research in 2010, report that 55% of them receive advertising email for products of no interest to them, only 17% report that email promotions are a great way to learn about new products and services, and 12% claim they open most all emails just in case there is something of interest. This is a decrease from 18% reported in the 2008 survey. 4% reported buying something from an email promotion, which is actually a bit better than direct mail response (still between 1% and 3%, which has been the case for years).

It has recently been demonstrated that video email can increase the response rate by 57% to 90%!

Developing a video marketing approach although proven to be very effective, can be very time consuming. There are many available approaches offered by a variety of vendors, but I have recently found a provider who has effectively automated the whole process of online video marketing. We are affiliated with this company, Mojo Matrix, and feel you will find it as compelling as we do. Click on the link below to view an actual testimonial from a small businessman.

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