“Marketing” is NOT a Four Letter Word!

In my meanderings around this economically devastated area of Florida, I find similar reactions from most small business owners. “I know marketing is important and as soon as customers come back, I’ll have to increase my budget.” How can you possibly attract a growing list of customers if you don’t let them know you’re there and what you will do for them to make their visit worthwhile?

Every small business owner knows that there are certain mandatory expenses they face; professional services from accountants, lawyers and bankers for instance. Marketing and advertising also fits that category. Don’t consider themĀ as necessary evils, treat them as necessary tools and keep a constant eye on return on investment.

That return on investment doesn’t have to be in monetary terms either. It can be measured by the number of leads generated, the number of new subscribers to a newsletter or blog, or the number of coupons utilized.

Money invested in marketing can truly be an investment as long as results are trackable and offerings are constantly tested and upgraded when a new approach shows promise.

Online results are easily tracked, but how do you track print advertising? Do you simply look at your daily sales and compare them to pre advertisement? You can track response by supplying a different telephone number, a different mail address dept. key or a unique email address. A new approach to add to those is to include QR codes in your print ad. These expanded bar codes can be tracked in numerous ways once a reader scans it with their smartphone. The addition of these codes adds nothing to the cost of the ad, but gives full feedback information so you can determine the value generated by that particular ad for your business.

For information relating to the multitude of uses for QR coding, visit this blog http://qreateandtrack.com/blog/

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