How are QR codes useful right now?

First, for those of you who are not familiar with QR Codes, here is an example –

You are beginning to see them more and more frequently. So what! What are they and what can they do for you? It is simply an expanded two dimensional bar code that can contain a great deal more information than the one dimendional UPC codes we are all familiar with.

With the exploding growth of smartphones, QR codes will be seen more and more frequently because with the accesibility of applications for phones that enable the user to access these codes, a whole new world opens up. Examples:              1. In store access to product information or special offers.                     

                                     2. Included in print media advertising to forward user to a website, video, or detailed product information.                                                             

                                    3. Expand editorial content for magazine articles or newspaper reports, either as an expanded article or a connection to a relevant video.

                                   4. They are already being used by coupon venders and entertainment venues as digital coupons or tickets of admission. They allow much more sophisticated tracking than was ever available before.

The widespread adoption of these codes could conceivably help newspapers to reinvent themselves as a truly interactive medium and can provide advertisers a very broad range of options to deliver expanded sales messages, in depth information or even digital products. By thinking outside of the box, many more twists and turns will come to mind.

The days of “push” marketing are not necessarily numbered, but the hybridization of the term to “push-pull” marketing will definitely become a common occurence.

Put your thinking caps on and post your specific ideas for utilizing QR codes in an innovative way, whether specific for your particular business or in general as a concept. Your comments are always welcomed and encouraged. This site isn’t designed for the marketing specialist, but for the small businessman trying to keep up with the options available to them in order to keep up in the 21st century.

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