Some cost effective tools for small businesses

Small businesses are faced with life and death decisions every step of the way when we are faced with the kind of scary economy we are dealing with. It’s a fact that you must get your company’s message out to the public, but how to get the most bang for the buck? With the rapid growth in smartphone purchases, forecast to out sell PCs within the year in the U.S., and the out of control rise in gas prices, efficiency of marketing delivery should become imperative. I’m a firm believer in the value of all forms of marketing, both traditional and cutting edge, however, the business owner has to take a hard look at the percentage distribution of the total marketing budget. Many business owners are not familiar with the various low cost options available to them in electronic marketing.

One avenue that should be investigated is local search programs. As people limit their travel, computer search for products and services expands rapidly, and smartphones are an excellent tool for researching before venturing out to buy. 90% of smartphone and computer users research on line before buying and 50% of them then buy locally.  So what options are available?

Local search programs are proliferating, such as Dex, Yelp, Yellow pages. and many others. You should check them out and then check and compare costs for the entire package offered.

Another tool available is, which enables business owners to create their own mobile channel and which provides a robust collection of tools to develop that channel. If you want to do the work yourself, I suggest you look into, a program that steps you through the entire process of building an effective website.

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