Some excerpts from the Groupon Newsletter

As a small business owner, you might find the following items culled from the Groupon Newsletter to be of value when planning your future marketing.

Groupon has some exciting webinars planned for you in the next few weeks. Check out the latest:

Building Your Online Presence: How to reach new customers using search engine and social media advertising

March 15, 3pm CST: Register here
March 24, 3pm CST: Register here

Consumers today are spending more time searching for products and services online, and online ad spend is up 4% in the US. With this upward trend of online consumer shopping, your customers are turning to the convenience of search engines and social media to find products and services they need in an easier, more efficient way. So what are you doing to grab the attention of these web-savvy consumers?

Groupon’s VP of Online Marketing, Zac Goldberg, will give you an overview of the best ways to get noticed online through social media and search engine advertising. Zac built the online following for Groupon from scratch, and will be offering some simple advice on how to create online awareness for your business. Register for a webinar today.

Another tidbit of interest:

Email Marketing for Small Businesses

This month, we sat down with Joel Book, Principal of Marketing Research and Education at ExactTarget, for an informative webinar on how small businesses can leverage email marketing to drive ROI. Drawing on real business examples, Joel provided some great tips and ideas on how email marketing can help boost revenue and drive new customers to stores. He also discussed the rebirth of word-of-mouth marketing, and how it has been fueled by social media and sharing of information. Basically, when customers have a great experience, they will tell others about it, often by forwarding it to friends via email and social networks. Thus, if you serve your customers well, many of them will become your best marketers. How else does email marketing help?

  • It aids the buying process
  • It improves service
  • It drives repeat usage
  • It keeps customers connected to your company

With email delivering an average ROI of $43.62 per dollar spent, small businesses should leverage this form of marketing to reach their customers quickly without spending a fortune. Click here to watch the entire webinar and learn the strategies you need to create a successful email marketing campaign.

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