The future for QR codes

In case you don’t know what a QR code is, it is a two dimensional barcode that contains a large amount of information and when scanned with a cell phone scanner can provide a wealth of information such as, restaurant menus, video, web page links, product information, coupon details, etc.
As people become familar with the QR code, it wil grow in use exponentially and has the potential to positively change the fortunes of the print media, newspapers and magazines. Wired Magazine is already using these codes in some of their ads, some businesses are incorporating them on product labels, business cards, newspaper ads, posters, brochures and any other printed medium. The apps for decoding these codes are downloadable to your camera phone for free.

How about alternative paintballing? R kill was first seen in Barcelona shopping centre back in January 2008. Before the game begins the players decide a scenario, a modality and a meeting point. Each player has a QR Code affixed to his or her back which contains their name and telephone number. Instead of a projectile full of paint heading their way a mobile camera phone is pointed at the QR code, which sends an SMS ‘your dead’ message to the recipient. Various rules must be followed, such as no covering the QR Code, once you’re SMS’d you have to leave the game (if the SMS is in your sent box, you got the guy), no one can assist you kill the enemy but you can hire spies as well as other rules.

For those of you who have indulged in a game of paintball I’m sure you’ll agree this variation is much less painful.

Otther innovative ideas are already beginning to flourish, such as e-ticketing: pay for a venue ticket on line then pull up the QR code at the venue where it gets scanned and you’re in!

Coca Cola is using QR Codes with Cmode enabled drink vending machines to allow Japanese customers to redeem collected loyalty points for free drinks.

How about this one; intelligent advertising. Dynamic QR codes (QRMe Code) where the URL is stored on the main web server and not encapsulated within the actual QR Code itself offers a very flexible approach. The URL is dynamic and can be changed to suit the advertising campaign or even the weather. The same QR code on an advertisement billboard could be scanned one week to point to a web page which contains a clue. The same QR code could then point to successive web pages, revealing more clues over the course of a media campaign. If your company mainly retails clothing and accessories for sunny days and the heavens open you could quickly switch your dynamic QR code to your rainy day section of your website so, instead of T-shirts and sunglasses greeting your potential customer, you’ll have boots and raincoats on your landing page. Dynamic QR codes also have the advantage of analysing valuable feedback about where and when the QR Code was scanned, enabling real time geographical analysis to be performed. To access a free code generator, use this link –

Sit down for 30 minutes and think of what this technology could be applied to and you will amaze yourself.

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