Search engine ranking; it IS important

For business owners who have been around the internet for awhile, some words and phrases have become familiar, but in many cases the meaning behind them is vague. We all know Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important, but what is it and how do you take advantage of it. “Organic” search results are of importance to the small business owner because they can represent free advertising. A good explanation can be found on this Hubspot blog entry . However, good results never come free. There is always a cost in time, knowledge and skill when doing it for yourself. It also requires constant monitoring in order to retain a high ranking.

Until recently, internet search and page ranking applied primarily to national brands or internet merchants. Expense was prohibitive for small local businesses. Breaking into that atmosphere required a well designed web site and sophisticated (and expensive) marketing tools and procedures well beyond the means of small businesses serving local markets.

That is no longer the case. Small businesses now have access to some very sophisticated products at very competitive cost. With the advent and geometric growth of the smart phone, local search is becoming more essential for the survival and success of small businesses here in the U.S. Marketing tools such as specialized local business directories;  general directories; the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo; Youtube; social networks; and other tools just coming into play. A website is still an ideal way to showcase your business, but it is not necessary for an effective local marketing campaign.

If you don’t have the time or expertise to mount your own campaign, let us help you go in the right direction. For an aggressive local search marketing program at a fraction of the cost from other providers, check this link, .

As I continually remind my clients, the internet isn’t the only medium useful for marketing or brand building. The traditional forms are still viable and can be very important especially in a brand building campaign or integrating “call to action” print, TV, or radio with internet search. A clear example is a TV commercial for a local law firm. a week later, a potential client is in a car wreck or other situation requiring legal representation and the firm name is familiar, but who writes down the phone number or knows how to find the offices? A few button clicks on a laptop or smart phone will bring up the necessary information for the client to make the call and secure the help they need. The lesson here is that by utilizing different media available within the overall marketing budget, the end results can exceed the sum of the individual parts.

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