Local search can be affordable and powerful.

Local search on the internet has been around for quite awhile and has been effective within limits. With the rapid increase in the number of smart phones and their functionalities, local search has increased geometrically in its’ utilization by the public.

Currently, over 2.6 billion local searches areconducted every month , and comprises 30% of all searches! 91% of all internet  users in the U.S. gather shopping information on line and 51% explicitly characterize their behavior as “Shop online, buy off line.”

Cost for participating in local search engines ranges from zero to thousands of dollars a month. To get the most out of your advertising investment, email me at vernvt@aol.com and let’s discuss your options and how we can maximize your results for the most competitive pricing in the industry.

According to research from Google, people spend 70% of their disposable income within 5 miles of home! Don’t you want to have the opportunity to get your fair share of that largess?

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