Mobile Phones Rule!

Worldwide, mobility is rapidly becoming king! Smart phones such as iPhone, Android O/S phones and others are enabling consumers to connect with the world without lugging around a laptop. Mobile technology is changing so fast, it is almost impossible to keep up with. Over 5 billion cell phones are active world wide! 2 billion of these are smartphones!

Here are a couple of mind blowing applications on the horizon or just now being rolled out in selected areas:

1. Location driven advertising. Smartphones equipped with GPS capability know where they are and advertising providers will shortly have the ability to drive highly specific advertising based on the location of the phone, or the phone user can search for specific stores or other locations and the phone will deliver a map on screen with specific directions to that store front from where you are located.

2. A new app for iPhones will allow a potential customer to price compare items carried at local stores. The user simply inputs the universal product code to pull up the comparison screen showing prices from all stores within a given radius.

These are just two new exciting advances coming to a cell phone near you.

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